The What and the Why

2018 has seen the rise of monochrome palettes. This stylistic choice layers shades of the same color for a calming, minimalist interior. The pay off for the sheer discipline this requires is an air of clean sophistication.

For Example

The Wireless Experience in Manahawkin, NJ dropped a multi-colored interior concept in favor of the timeless sophistication of monochrome. The multi-functionality of the neutral-toned palette leaves the business and owner comfortable room for sustained professionalism, no matter where their work leads.

The strict boundaries of a monochrome style still leave room for unique expression. Precise, the business behind the designs, incorporated complimentary decor that left a big impact on the space without detracting from a minimal feel. Bold, enlarged lettering covers the walls. Sleek, modern lighting fixtures both illuminate and impress from above. Wall-to-ceiling graphics sit comfortably within the guidelines of their palette, neither distracting nor forgettable. Every piece fits in its environment while retaining personality and creativity.