Precise tackles projects of all kinds: big, small, local, and national, from franchises to private businesses and singular spaces to expansive store floors. Another facet of our business, however, is collaboration. So when Zone Defense sought an extra hand on a millwork job at the Harborside office complex in Jersey City, Precise was more than happy to join in.

Read on to meet the President of Zone Defense and our very own Production Manager. And don’t forget to peek at those jaw-dropping finish photos. They truly demonstrate the value of professional dedication, if I do say so myself.

“A State-of-the-Art Quality & Client-Driven Business”

Zone Defense is a wood-working company, founded in 1942 in New Jersey and complete with a multi-generational family background. George Mandas stands as the forefront of the company today, having donned the presidential mantel back in 1990. Time has altered the age-old business aspirations for expansion. Under George’s presidency, Zone Defense actually scaled back. They turned their attention away from “more, more, more”. The focus instead moved toward increased variety and fresh challenges in their work and Tri-state client base.

This touches on what makes Zone Defense special, a unique snowflake in the bustling world of millwork, if you will. George explains that his business maintains an edge over the competition through “number one, our dedication and our involvement in the project”. Rather than sit back in his office, George becomes personally involved in every job. This, and an overall emphasis on quality, has earned Zone Defense a foundation of trust at the base of all their client relationships.

Creating a Space that Stops Visitors in their Tracks

As explained by George, the company produces far more than cabinets and desks. Their furnishings extend to teller lines, bandit barriers, and millwork (oh my!). With their ambitious will to overcome fresh challenges in mind, Zone Defense took on a highly complex and detailed project for Harborside in Jersey City. This project took millwork from their list of professional know-how and added an additional dash of creativity and “wow” factor to the mix.

That’s all a bit vague, I know, so allow me to elaborate. The job specifically required designing the ground-level entrance to a tenant space at Harborside. The client needed the design to leave a strong impression on visitors. George immediately set out with his team to plan a hallway they wouldn’t soon forget.

The only snag was he had to do it quickly. Tthe assignment grew into a rush job with a sort of soft opening party looming in the near future.

Joining Forces

As the project moved forward, George realized he needed to recruit extra hands to meet client deadlines and produce the quality Zone Defense prides itself on. He found that assistance in Precise, collaborating with our team on designs, mock-ups, engineering and technical planning, and physical manufacturing. It should come as no surprise that our two companies made an excellent team. Our Production Manager, Kevin Strohl, personally mirrored some of George’s top business values. When asked what his personal goals were for our work with Zone Defense, Kevin reported that he aimed for, “precision, time, and quality.” Match = made.

Both George and Kevin described the project as complex and highly detailed. Roughly 800 pieces of plywood, provided by Zone Defense, passed through the hands of both companies’ warehouse teams. The millwork design that would eventually cover an entire wall and most of the ceiling in the entrance hall included many, many pieces (as you can see above). Kevin described the project as “a massive puzzle”. He added with relief that the Precise engineering department did an excellent job, thus ensuring the process ran as smoothly as possible.

Kevin specifically credits Paul Clymer, an Engineer here at Precise, as an important piece of our success. George seconded that commendation with one of his own. Paul worked closely with George’s own drafting expert, Jeff, to make Zone Defense’s client’s dreams transform into tangible reality. Those nearly daily conversations contributed to the fantastic levels of communication that smoothed the way toward the job’s completion.

Don’t we all Love a Happy Ending?

Precise manufactured the ceiling and top section of the wall while Zone Defense handled all the rest. After Precise assisted with the delivery, Zone Defense spent 3 days straight installing the designs on-site. With hardly two hours of break time in-between, George and his team walked away from a fully completed plaza space, leaving their thrilled clientele behind.

And that, dear readers, concludes yet another professional venture.