Precise brings creative vision and bold design to every client, no matter the scale or project at hand. While we travel to and work with businesses all over the country, we love opportunities to focus on Lehigh Valley community brands. We got just that chance with Versatile Strands Salon & Spa in Bethlehem, PA. Read on to meet Rosie Rebimbas, hair stylist and business owner, as well as Maria Pinho from our own Precise family. Most importantly, get the scoop on a graphics and millwork experience closer to home.

Even a quick glance at Versatile Strands’ official Facebook page reveals much: a steady 5-star rating, over a thousand faithful followers, and more than two thousands samples of the professional team’s stunning results. For a better understanding of the business and the passion poured into their daily work, we reached out to the salon’s owner, Rosie Rebimbas.

First, Some Background

Just over a decade ago, Versatile Strands hit Bethlehem’s East 3rd Street with a bang. Rosie happily remarked that “time goes so fast when you love what you do”. That love is what led her down the path of cosmetology school, where she received her license in 1997. That’s 21 years of valuable experience, not counting the experience she gained in childhood. She told Precise that she styled her own hair as a young girl. She began self-training in her craft by practicing haircuts on her younger cousins. Laughing, she added, “Those poor boys”. Hey, they contributed to the noble cause of her styling dreams, so it all worked out for the best.

Spa – Salon – Skin Care Service

With so many customers leaving raving reviews online, we couldn’t help but ask Rosie what drives her business model and her team. She expresses pride not only in keeping up on the beauty industry’s latest trends, but also in a close-knit staff and the above-and-beyond service they’re able to provide together:

“Our main focus is to always stay on top of the latest trends and techniques. I have the most amazing girls on my team. We can truly say that we are sisters. What’s better than going to work every day to hang out with your best friends and make our guests beautiful all day? We don’t just give them great hair. When they visit, they get a whole experience – the crazy conversation, the roasting between each other, and free therapy sessions. It’s always a great time.”

As a woman who stands as a sister and a leader, Rosie even supports her staff beyond their present responsibilities. Naturally, she aspires to continue growing her business, but she aims to help her team grow as well. “Their talent is incredible and eventually I would love to have them become educators and chase their dreams,” she says.

How Precise Stepped In

Our Lead Account Coordinator, Maria Pinho, was more than happy to recommend Precise when her longtime friend sought to improve the ascetic of Versatile Strands. The project was smooth sailing on both ends, leaving an ecstatic Rosie with fully customized furnishings. Maria explained that the goal for this project was to capture a sense of high functionality in every piece.

The assigned team set to familiarizing themselves with the beauty industry to create both visual and functional representations of Rosie’s business concept in roughly one month’s time, from design through installation. Rosie expresses widespread satisfaction with our work. She says, “Our guests are in shock when they walk through our doors. The compliments are nonstop. I’m happy to say the salon’s design finally compliments our work.” Precise achieved convenience and an improved work flow to boot, with Rosie reporting that the new furnishings “[have] made our appointments run smoother and [they] gave the salon that industrial glam appearance we were looking for. Our expectations are beyond met”.

At Precise, we aim for bulls-eye accuracy when tackling our clients’ business space dreams; We wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less.